Frequently Asked Questions

About TCM, our mission, and choir therapy in general

Q:  I have heard your choirs referred to as "a cappella."  What does that mean?

A: "A cappella" means singing without having any accompanying instruments.

Q: Your performances are promoted as "free of charge," but do you accept donations?

A: Yes.  We are always pleased to accept donations or "free will offerings."

Q: How do you decide which songs to sing?

A: Len McCulloch, the director of the choirs, selects and modifies contemporary and traditional songs for the choirs to learn.  He chooses songs based on their ease of singing, the amount of brain exercise promoted by singing them, and their "enjoyability."  We are always open for suggestions from choir members, volunteers, and our audience on songs that we should add to our repertoire.

Q: Can someone join a choir if they cannot sing at all (possibly due to stroke or language issues)?

A: Absolutely! We welcome anyone who would like to join us.  People who cannot sing may hum along, if possible, or tap their foot to the beat.

Q: What has been one of your greatest satisfactions in performing for audiences?

A:  We were greatly moved at a holiday show around Christmas time in 2007 when, in between songs, a member of our volunteer voices with down syndrome recited the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" word for word from memory.  It brought the individual a standing ovation from the crowd.