Len McCulloch has published OVER 150 Articles, to date, primarally in the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers in his column "Our Mental Health" over the past 6 years. 

Below is a sampling of Articles pertinent to The Therapy Choirs of Michigan.  A full Bibliography which includes publications in various Professional Journals is available upon request.  Len is currently working on a book "Our Mental Health".

1.    The Psychology of Hope.

2.    Concussions Strike Lingering Blow.

3.    Summer is Prime Time for Serious Head Injuries.

4.    Help Available for Posttraumatic Stress Disorders.

5.    Trauma Process Effects Everyone.

6.    Grieving, Mourning, Berievement Timely Issues.

7.    Music Therapy Promotes Health.

8.    Head Injuries can Result in Brain Damage.

9.    Understanding Schizophrenia.

10.  The Psychological Management of Chronic Pain.

11.  When Worry Becomes Disabling.

12.  Learning Disabilities:  What they are, and What they are not.

13.  There's Much More to Mental Health than the Absence of Illness.

14.  Suiside Raises Complexed Questions.

15.  Hope for Autisics in Therapy.

16.  Resilience Can Be Learned.

17.  Volunteerism:  Like a Paying Job Only Better.

18.  Benchmarks Lead to Reflection on Mental Health.

19.  Join the Fight on Violence.

20.  Attitudes Make A Difference.

21.  Take Care of Yourself with Good Attitude.

22.  Traumatic Brain Injury:  The Only Cures are Awareness and Prevention.

23.  Defining Mental Health Sucess in Many Areas.

24.  Stages of Grief and Tasks of Mourning.

25.  How Does Talking Help?

26.  Music and Wellness in Perfect Harmony.

27.  Beware of Too Much Work.

28.  Overcoming the Stigma of Therapy.

29.  New Choir Forming for Veteran's with TBI.